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ANALYTICAL Thinking behind the three Software Methods

I began writing Text Tables in Word to compare The Familiar, The New and The Difference when I was exploring

  • dimensionality
  • number systems
  • quantitative measuring units
  • and the digitisation of light, sound and colour
  • which led to the definition of new qualitative measuring units.

Hence I was actually alternating between

  • going ‘deeper into analysis’ – SEPARATING, distinguishing and DIFFERENTIATING between terms and phenomena
  • and higher into ‘conceptual heaven‘, as Uncle Petros had called it – UNITING, connecting and INTEGRATING seemingly opposing polarities.

The first table became number 96 in a total of some 200.

But nobody wants to read tables. They are just perfect to analyse similarities and differences, common denominators and opposites.

Now, in the spirit of teaching people to fish so that they can feed themselves, I want to make software lenses available via Smart Knowledge Portals rather than get people to understand the thinking behind the tools that will become possible – once I get the right programmers to co-create the right portals:

for any of the 3 methods:

and any of the domains people can think of

  • medicine,
  • energy,
  • climate change,
  • imaging technologies,
  • materials –

whoever will be first will get the credit!