Software Prototypes

First I wrote “3D TimeData” in Visual Basic – on an IBM ThinkPad.

Then I wrote some 20 Word documents for a young geek in Potsdam which resulted in “Visual Data Intelligence” (VDI).

I used VDI to

  • test mathematical functions and their ‘new looks’ through varying software parameters – thus confirming the correctness of my new spaces and transformations;
  • produce a lot of forecasts – with a server installation that Simon Hull built for me, with Jeremy Renwick of Kubernetes testing it, with above average results.

Then I realised that images are matrices and a friend sent me Python code to translate any image into input for VDI. Hence I could

  • create ‘re-visualisations’ of images – with the aid of long-term programmers in Berlin who helped in the setup of this gallery.

Since then I have been working on fine tuning documents to specify coding:

  • Visio diagrams for automated trading
  • How to Beat the Bookies – for a ‘betting king’ in baseball data.

Word, Excel and PowerPoint for an Ethical Investment Network.

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