Pythagoras: Everything is Number

Pythagoras’ Trousers is about the history of God, Physics and the Gender War – the stories of men and women searching for meaning and physicists taking on the supremacy and monopoly of defining world views for science.

Written by Australian journalist Margaret Wertheim, it is good reading and highlighting of what the women experience as the 12% in STEM: science, technology, engineering and maths.

Ever since I worked at CERN, I’ve been conscious of us in the minority. And nothing has changed during my lifetime. At the recent meeting at CERN, I was again one of the few, but the keynote speaker was American Dr Eleanor Blakely.

I am effectively proving

  1. The I Ching’s wisdom that Everything is Change
  2. Pythagoras’ saying Everything is Number.

In terms of physics,

In terms of mathematics,

  • new spaces and transformations that must be expressed through software to demonstrate their usefulness and effectiveness over all previous paper based mathematics.

In terms of metrology,

  • qualitative measures can now be quantified through crunching the right kind of numbers.

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