Odyssey 3000
A Cathedral of Whole Numbers

Odyssey 3000 presents ancient number qualities in a modem computer context.

It illustrates ‘3D Cybernetics’ as a new science and ‘Cyber Mathematics’ as a new way of seeing.

It offers a ‘Cyber Philosophy’ as a holistic way of thinking
and ‘Cyber Physics’ as a 3D model for cosmic and natural

Odyssey 3000 covers:

Light and Light Energy
The Essence of Macro- and Micro-Cosmic Phenomena

Cosmic Numbers
The Key to Life and Light

Natural Numbers
The Door to Dynamics and Harmonics,

Odyssey 3000 combines the phenomenon of light
with concept of a photonic ocean.

This relies on a number of innovative principles. Among them are

  • dimensional units for number,
  • orthogonal directions for shapes
  • and spatial ratios for measuring which include an exact value for π.

These concepts are the foundation for 3D Cybernetics as the bridge
Cyber Mathematics and Cyber Physics.

Cyber Mathematics consists of ‘Geo-Numerics’ or Whole Number Geometry
and ‘Arith-Metry’, the art of counting and measuring,
based on number theory, the queen of mathematics.

It is remarkable how the systematic study of die Cosmic Numbers 0, 1 and 2
as universal laws and principles reveals links across natural sciences
and phenomena at macro- and micro-cosmic levels.

Odyssey 3000 provides not abstract theories but imaginative concepts
for a millennium of thinking with computers, the post-Euclidean geometrical tool
with which we enter a new dimension of design and simulation.
© Copyright Sabine Kurjo McNeill 23/09/99

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