Knowing of the cloth of heaven,
the dark cold of space and the bright heat of suns,
I know the weavers of
the curved shapes and the straight ones,
the two-way directions in movement
and the 3D symmetries of change.

The shapes serve form and matter,
through in-formation and ex-formation.

Opposite directions serve Polarities in mind and motion,
and limits when measuring.

And symmetries are essence
of change and trans-formation
from internal mysteries to external forms;
from nebulous substance to solid matter,
unformed gas to crystallised lattices.

So I lay fabric before you:
Light Spirals as One,
the gauge unit for all measures;

Spiral Twins for + right and – left,
the seesaw for charge and discharge;

and the Spiral Twist for In and Out,
the eternal dance between visible light and invisible energy
invisible darkness and visible substance.

How will you wear the heavenly fabric?
What will you drape from spiralling looms?
What will you with spirals of light
in their variation of infinite beauty?

Will you melt in the infinite ocean of light?
Let Photonic seas hold your light-ness of being?

For this is the secret of light:
that it hides in space,
that it radiates in time,
and that it is borne by boundless photons
who have their twins in equivalent phonons.

And thus cold wide darkness reflects tiny hot brightness;
inner central radiation
interchanges with outer border reflection.

Curved ↔ straight is the pump of radiation ↔ reflection,
up ↔ down the motor for pulsation ↔ alternation,
inside ↔ outside is the direction
and of conic ↔ pyramid shape the lines of spiralling movement.

“These are the essentials. This is my truth.”
I lay it as cloth before you.
Tread softly. For you are and you tread
on bright light in dark space.

© Copyright Sabine Kurio McNeill 17/09/99

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