I Ching: the Chinese Wisdom of Polarities

14 09 04 Matrix of HexagramsMost recently I contributed to humanity’s general knowledge by ‘joining dots’ between

  • East and West,
  • philosophy and science,
  • the intuitive and the rational mind.

I had the idea to attribute octal numbers to the binary values of the 64 hexagrams in the I Ching – the Chinese Book of Wisdom I have had in German for many years.

That was before I saw Prof. Yi-Ke Guo, Co-founding Director of the Data Science Institute at Imperial College.

The I Ching teaches us about physical polarities and conceptual dualities: the split mind that can be overcome by Yoga and other techniques.

May you find the I Ching as interesting as I did, already in my twenties, but then I could not fathom it…

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