Chronology of Insights and Discoveries

Nov 8, 1996: translation of a German article on prime numbers by chemist Peter Plichta.

Nov 9, 1997: the beginning of working with wooden beads and plastic straws to develop my understanding of geo-metric structures and numerical ratios.

1999: a patent agent told me I can’t patent a theory, but must write patents for vendible products. The outcome was a “non-binary computer” with

  1. Novel Technology for Memory Units
  2. Novel Technology for Processing Units
  3. Novel Technology for Output Visualisation

And these software methods:

  1. Representing Data
  2. Measuring Electro-Magnetics
  3. Measuring Bonding

As the basis for modelling:

  1. Blueprint for Quantum Dots
  2. Blueprint for Quantum Lattices
  3. Three-Dimensional Measuring of Electro-Magnetic Field Resonance
  4. Three-Dimensional Measuring of Chemical Bonding

The Start of Software-Aided Thinking:

Word Tables

2002: Goldbach MetaMathematics – a Contribution to a Competition

2003: 1st prototype: 3D TimeData in Visual Basic on IBM ThinkPad

2004: Development of

  • 3D Glossary of 3D Terms
  • 2nd prototype: Visual Data Intelligence in Visual Basic on Windows XP

2005: Invited by Prof. Algirdas Pakstas at London Metropolitan University to be Research Fellow

2006: sponsored by UKTI to exhibit at CERN, my former employer

2007: First potential client: Thomas Swan

2008: Various Funding Applications:

2009: with long-term unemployed programmers in Berlin:

Since 2010: attending events for funding applications, partnerships and trying to find clients – mainly thanks to:

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