In terms of FUTURE, this is about creating a community of people who

  1. understand and know and thus trust me;
  2. are interested in making sense of ‘rational thinking’ as the basis for science;
  3. are experts in DATA and IMAGES in their respective fields and willing to look at them through ‘software lenses’ with ‘software vision’ – for the purpose of forecasting time series, layering complex data and re-visualising images;
  4. are PROGRAMMERS and DEVELOPERS willing to contribute to a new era of thinking – based on interacting with SOFTWARE and MACHINES rather than writing and reading BOOKS;
  5. appreciate CYBERNETICS as an overarching ‘academic domain’ that bridges humanity’s thinking with digital technologies operating.

In terms of PAST, this is about the intellectual odyssey that started in November 1996 – in splendid isolation – thanks to computers and, eventually, the web: a journey of discovery through ‘software aided’ thinking.

It culminated in 3 innovative software methods:

  1. Forecasting Time Series
  2. Layering Dimensions – hidden in Complex Data
  3. Re-Visualizing Images

These were the result of ‘thinking while producing files’ in these formats:

My first prototype was “3D TimeData” on an IBM ThinkPad – in Visual Basic with which I produced this screenshot:

The next one was “Visual Data Intelligence” – written by a young German geek based on over 20 Word documents. That was the beginning of exploring a lot:

  • mathematical functions
  • all sorts of financial and other data
  • and, eventually, images.

Here I focussed on the forecasting method and tested financial data extensively – with well above average results – despite bad experiences with a number of people who had dollars turning in their eyes.

An important piece of code was a Python script that turns images into ‘complex data’ or a multi-dimensional matrix.

The next coding effort was the creation of the Gallery of Albums – with the aid of long-term unemployed developers in Berlin. It included a script for turning pictures into csv files.

The next should be

  1. a general Smart Knowledge Portal for ‘try before you buy‘ promotion
  2. specific Smart Knowledge Portals solving the problems of customers in particular domains.

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