Russell Ackoff, “Einstein of Problem Solving,” Has Died

It’s always soo nice not to feel alone in some of the aspects of one’s thinking! Here’s Steve Brant’s email to me

Dear Sabine,

You were kind enough to comment on my memorial essay to Russ Ackoff back in (I think) 2010. And I thought it would be nice to be connected with you here on LinkedIn for that reason.

If you’d like to see it again, here’s the link…—the-eins_b_341349.html

And here’s my most recent essay (systems thinking applied to the retail giant, Macy’s)…

Thanks again for what you wrote. (Your comment was actually on my business’s site not the HuffPost). I hope you are doing well.


Steve Brant

And here’s how I commented on Facebook to his article:

Really good article about ‘thinking’ as the result of minds that are clearly ‘connected’ between right and left, thus able to think ‘holistically’ and ‘whole systems’.

Minds that are ‘split’ can’t do it…

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