Privately Teaching Programmers before Publicly Sharing Love of Knowledge

I get the impression that everybody is looking for some kind of philosophy (the love of knowledge) to give meaning to their lives. I have been trying ever since I was a teenager.

When I began my Odyssey in splendid intellectual isolation in 1996, I had no idea where it would lead me.

Today I am taking my folders of printouts and files in folders on hard disks to create a new order on new websites:

  • this one is for ‘everybody’
  • and then there is another one with all ‘password protected’ pages – but to be safe that whole site is now private.

Why is it that everybody is spiritually so deprived that they need to steal other people’s ideas, innovations and patents?

Why can’t we share ideas freely?

Because DISHONEST MONEY is there to control our activities, limit our ideas, repress our creativity, oppress our spirituality and generally suppress anything that is contrary to what the power of money has been creating for centuries:

  • structures of governance
  • institutions with paid employees
  • laws, rules and regulations re money and property.

“Intellectual Property” is now being ‘controlled’, too!

BUT: since we can’t outpower them, we have to outsmart them.

Hence this mini-site while I keep the rest private for sharing later… Watch this space. I do hope that the time for ‘coming out’ is here at long last!


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