CONCEPTUAL Thinking beyond my three innovative Software Methods

This professor spotted the significance of my prototype Visual Data Intelligence as “understanding Number”.

This ‘special relationship’ with numbers boils down to a few creative ‘quantum leaps’:

  1. new mathematical spaces
  2. innovative transformations as the basis for creating a ‘visual z’ axis.

In terms of conceptual innovation, my contribution is:

  • my mathematical spaces respect the perceivable reality of 3D as the upper number of ‘dimensions’ in the physics domain;
  • ‘time’ is not defined or visualised as a 4th dimension;
  • instead, ‘complexity’ and ‘high dimensionality’ are visualised on screen by producing ‘vertical layers‘ along ‘visual z’.

Excel data

Excel data in Visual 3D
In terms of mathematics:

  • ‘dimensions’ are defined as orthogonal planes with orthogonal axes;
  • the ‘dimensionality’ of complex data can be ‘reduced’ or translated into the ‘functionality’ of variables and parameters in software;
  • ‘visual z’ acts as a ‘yardstick on screen’ to assess changes and differences visually and numerically.

In terms of data visualisation,

  • metrology is the missing link between physics and mathematics that Einstein was looking for;
  • the human eye measures visually by comparing shapes and sizes;
  • the computer measures numerically by crunching numbers.

The ‘visual z’-axis offers the possibility for

Qualifying 3D is the attempt to

  • illustrate the visual and metric qualities resulting from the ‘visual z’ axis.

Visual and Metric 3D is the combination of

  • data visualisation and numerical representation of time series and other numerical data.

Smart Knowledge Portals are required

  • to embed human expertise as the verbal interpretation of ‘qualitative measuring units‘.

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