Russell Ackoff, “Einstein of Problem Solving,” Has Died

It’s always soo nice not to feel alone in some of the aspects of one’s thinking! Here’s Steve Brant’s email to me

Dear Sabine,

You were kind enough to comment on my memorial essay to Russ Ackoff back in (I think) 2010. And I thought it would be nice to be connected with you here on LinkedIn for that reason.

If you’d like to see it again, here’s the link…—the-eins_b_341349.html

And here’s my most recent essay (systems thinking applied to the retail giant, Macy’s)…

Thanks again for what you wrote. (Your comment was actually on my business’s site not the HuffPost). I hope you are doing well.


Steve Brant

And here’s how I commented on Facebook to his article:

Really good article about ‘thinking’ as the result of minds that are clearly ‘connected’ between right and left, thus able to think ‘holistically’ and ‘whole systems’.

Minds that are ‘split’ can’t do it…

A ‘far out project’ for ‘far out mathematics’: Starchild II – the comparison of Human Bone Qualities with an Alien Skull Bone


Comparing Human Bone Qualities with an Alien Skull Bone

The Starchild Skull[1] was found around 1930 in Mexico and was investigated by Lloyd Pye[2] until he passed away in 2013. His book The Starchild Skull – Genetic Enigma or Human-Alien Hybrid?[3] was published in 2007 in the US. This highly unusual find offers scope for many avenues of research:

  • The discovery of another species
  • The analysis of non-human DNA
  • Comparing the qualities and properties of human and non-human bone.

Belinda McKenzie, Co-Founder and Director of The Knight Foundation, had supported the project financially as best as she could. Since Lloyd lived in her home for a considerable time, she is one of the project experts.

Starchild II plans now to apply a new software method of re-visualising images to gain new insights from new visualisation perspectives by bone and other scientific experts. This example shows how the 2D image on the left is re-visualised in ‘visual and metric’ 3D on the right. More examples are here[4] to ‘qualify’ this new ‘3D-ness’.

    The image on the left is syntheticly produced spray paint. The re-visualisation on the right adds more depth and detail for measuring and numerical comparisons.

This can be re-viewed by image experts
to re-interpret what they see. Furthermore, the software will provide new quantifications so that boundary values can be established
for automating image analysis processes.

The advantages of processing Starchild images with this software will be:

  1. Existing images could be re-examined, possibly revealing unexpected discoveries;
  2. Experts and amateurs from all over the world can participate in the exploration;
  3. New qualities that are present in one or the other bone, or are common to both can be examined;
  4. New images could be taken with different technologies to find the best microscopic method and optimal scale for bone analysis.

It is hoped to attract funding from ‘Curiosity Knights’ supporting the research and development of The Knight Foundation and its social businesses, and that the project will come to fruition as part of a rising tide of change.





Privately Teaching Programmers before Publicly Sharing Love of Knowledge

I get the impression that everybody is looking for some kind of philosophy (the love of knowledge) to give meaning to their lives. I have been trying ever since I was a teenager.

When I began my Odyssey in splendid intellectual isolation in 1996, I had no idea where it would lead me.

Today I am taking my folders of printouts and files in folders on hard disks to create a new order on new websites:

  • this one is for ‘everybody’
  • and then there is another one with all ‘password protected’ pages – but to be safe that whole site is now private.

Why is it that everybody is spiritually so deprived that they need to steal other people’s ideas, innovations and patents?

Why can’t we share ideas freely?

Because DISHONEST MONEY is there to control our activities, limit our ideas, repress our creativity, oppress our spirituality and generally suppress anything that is contrary to what the power of money has been creating for centuries:

  • structures of governance
  • institutions with paid employees
  • laws, rules and regulations re money and property.

“Intellectual Property” is now being ‘controlled’, too!

BUT: since we can’t outpower them, we have to outsmart them.

Hence this mini-site while I keep the rest private for sharing later… Watch this space. I do hope that the time for ‘coming out’ is here at long last!

ANALYTICAL Thinking behind the three Software Methods

I began writing Text Tables in Word to compare The Familiar, The New and The Difference when I was exploring

  • dimensionality
  • number systems
  • quantitative measuring units
  • and the digitisation of light, sound and colour
  • which led to the definition of new qualitative measuring units.

Hence I was actually alternating between

  • going ‘deeper into analysis’ – SEPARATING, distinguishing and DIFFERENTIATING between terms and phenomena
  • and higher into ‘conceptual heaven‘, as Uncle Petros had called it – UNITING, connecting and INTEGRATING seemingly opposing polarities.

The first table became number 96 in a total of some 200.

But nobody wants to read tables. They are just perfect to analyse similarities and differences, common denominators and opposites.

Now, in the spirit of teaching people to fish so that they can feed themselves, I want to make software lenses available via Smart Knowledge Portals rather than get people to understand the thinking behind the tools that will become possible – once I get the right programmers to co-create the right portals:

for any of the 3 methods:

and any of the domains people can think of

  • medicine,
  • energy,
  • climate change,
  • imaging technologies,
  • materials –

whoever will be first will get the credit!

CONCEPTUAL Thinking beyond my three innovative Software Methods

This professor spotted the significance of my prototype Visual Data Intelligence as “understanding Number”.

This ‘special relationship’ with numbers boils down to a few creative ‘quantum leaps’:

  1. new mathematical spaces
  2. innovative transformations as the basis for creating a ‘visual z’ axis.

In terms of conceptual innovation, my contribution is:

  • my mathematical spaces respect the perceivable reality of 3D as the upper number of ‘dimensions’ in the physics domain;
  • ‘time’ is not defined or visualised as a 4th dimension;
  • instead, ‘complexity’ and ‘high dimensionality’ are visualised on screen by producing ‘vertical layers‘ along ‘visual z’.

Excel data

Excel data in Visual 3D
In terms of mathematics:

  • ‘dimensions’ are defined as orthogonal planes with orthogonal axes;
  • the ‘dimensionality’ of complex data can be ‘reduced’ or translated into the ‘functionality’ of variables and parameters in software;
  • ‘visual z’ acts as a ‘yardstick on screen’ to assess changes and differences visually and numerically.

In terms of data visualisation,

  • metrology is the missing link between physics and mathematics that Einstein was looking for;
  • the human eye measures visually by comparing shapes and sizes;
  • the computer measures numerically by crunching numbers.

The ‘visual z’-axis offers the possibility for

Qualifying 3D is the attempt to

  • illustrate the visual and metric qualities resulting from the ‘visual z’ axis.

Visual and Metric 3D is the combination of

  • data visualisation and numerical representation of time series and other numerical data.

Smart Knowledge Portals are required

  • to embed human expertise as the verbal interpretation of ‘qualitative measuring units‘.

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3D METRIC THINKING = Software Aided Conceptualising + Analysing

This is how it began on 9th November 1996:

I must find the DNA in this…

A few years later, my first prototype gave me this nice screenshot: